Shipping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

As consumers across America get ready to take advantage of enormous savings offered by for black Friday, the work to get those items on the shelves is often overlooked. Partner Warehouse and Distribution works diligently with our partners to get their products in stores and on shelves before the shopping rush. Whether this includes kitting products, using specialized holiday themed packaging, or just an increased volume of outgoing shipments; the work we do allows our partner companies to concentrate on the rest of their business, leaving the shipping to us.

Likewise, many of our cyber-company partners are gearing up for cyber Monday. These companies have many of the same logistic issues as their brick and mortar counterparts.

Let Partner Warehouse and Distribution be YOUR shipping department.

Web-based Fulfillment Portal

We offer our customers access to partner-link, which is our custom fulfillment portal. Using this system allows our customers to quickly view an up-to-date inventory report, order history, order status, tracking information, and much more.

This system is accessible using an internet connection. From wherever you are, you can access partner-link. And since it is tied directly to our in-house order processing software, you can immediately gain the insight necessary to manage your company successfully.

Magic Market Week

The sales team here at Partner Warehouse & Distribution are super excited for the Magic tradeshow in Las Vegas next week. Tradeshows are great for networking, as well as developing relationships with potential new partners.

If attending Magic Market Week (or any tradeshow for that matter) it is a good idea to always be professional, but to also have a good time!!

E-Commerce Fulfillment

E-Commerce by all rights is still in its infancy stage. Yes, the world has come a long way in the past 10 years. What will the e-commerce market look like in 10 years? We have all heard the statistics. Cyber Monday is outselling Black Friday by a mile. Consumers are getting smart. Why waste the time and gas going to a store when you can order the product online and have it in a couple days? How will you as a e-commerce based company handle this pending explosion of online sales? Do you have the capital or distribution infrastructure to continue rapid growth? Fear not as there is a solution. E-Commerce fulfillment is the fasting growing division of Partner Warehouse & Distribution. Organizations of all sizes realize that to effectively grow their e-commerce business, they must focus on sales and development and leave the e-commerce fulfillment to the professionals who already have a winning formula.

Website Fullfillment and E Commerce Fulfillment

Contracting or partnering with a website fulfillment company or a e commerce fulfillment company makes perfect sense for web based businesses. The beauty of a web based business is that it is largely hands off from an operational standpoint. The most successful web business spend the most time and money on SEO, social media and other marketing.  Partnering with a fulfillment house allows web based business owners to free them selves up from managing the day to day warehouse operations and personnel.  The great thing about a fulfillment center is that it ships a large volume of orders allowing it access to shipping rates that are not obtainable by smaller businesses with less volume. Those shipping discounts are passed on to you and typically offset the charges for pick and pack, packaging and other. The bottom line is that if you take an honest look at the cost of doing it yourself vs using a fulfillment house it typically cost the same or less than doing it yourself and it eliminates the headaches allowing you to focus on selling. After all, isn’t that what you are in business for?