Shipping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

As consumers across America get ready to take advantage of enormous savings offered by for black Friday, the work to get those items on the shelves is often overlooked. Partner Warehouse and Distribution works diligently with our partners to get their products in stores and on shelves before the shopping rush. Whether this includes kitting products, using specialized holiday themed packaging, or just an increased volume of outgoing shipments; the work we do allows our partner companies to concentrate on the rest of their business, leaving the shipping to us.

Likewise, many of our cyber-company partners are gearing up for cyber Monday. These companies have many of the same logistic issues as their brick and mortar counterparts.

Let Partner Warehouse and Distribution be YOUR shipping department.

Web-based Fulfillment Portal

We offer our customers access to partner-link, which is our custom fulfillment portal. Using this system allows our customers to quickly view an up-to-date inventory report, order history, order status, tracking information, and much more.

This system is accessible using an internet connection. From wherever you are, you can access partner-link. And since it is tied directly to our in-house order processing software, you can immediately gain the insight necessary to manage your company successfully.

Faster Turn-Around Time

All warehouses have their own procedure when it comes to processing their orders. Some fulfillment centers will give themselves up to 2 days from the receipt of an order, while others will process an order on the day received, but only if received before a certain time.

This can be a serious problem for customers who have an order that NEEDS to ship overnight. (With shipping times added, an order will not get to the destination until two days after placing the order, if placed past the dead line with the other guys)

It is always a good idea to look for a warehouse and distribution center that has a FAST turn-around time and that will accommodate for those special packages that need to go out on the same day it was processed.

Partner Warehouse and Distribution is a great choice, since we offer same day order processing, regardless of the order time!

Let us be YOUR shipping department

Magic Market Week

The sales team here at Partner Warehouse & Distribution are super excited for the Magic tradeshow in Las Vegas next week. Tradeshows are great for networking, as well as developing relationships with potential new partners.

If attending Magic Market Week (or any tradeshow for that matter) it is a good idea to always be professional, but to also have a good time!!

Fulfillment Blog

Looking for a fulfillment partner? Lets be clear; we aren’t just another vendor, we are a strategic partner who invests the time, resources and capital in ensuring our mutual success. We offer Product and order fulfillment services driven by unparallelled technology and processes.

Pick and Pack Fulfillment is a labor intensive and detail oriented process which we have refined over time and developed systemic processes to ensure order accuracy and velocity. Headquartered in Phoenix Arizona, our location is positioned to effectively service your global customer base. Come visit one of our AZ warehouses anytime!

A Full Service Order Fulfillment Company!

There are a number of benefits to outsourcing your order fulfillment to a fulfillment company. However, there are a lot of companies out there who don’t seem to take to heart the seriousness of what they do. Partner Warehouse and Distribution is a complete fulfillment center who takes what we do to heart. We recognize fully that providing quality order fulfillment services will earn your trust. The more you trust us the more you can focus on the marketing and growing your business. It’s a win win situation. Our job is to allow you to do yours. And the better you do your job the more work we have. Time and time again we’ve seen a start up company go from shipping a few packages a day to shipping hundreds or thousands a week. Your success is our success and we’re prod to say we’ve been a part of easing many of the growing pains that come with the small business exponential growth curve. Contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable fulfillment company associates for more information.

Product Fulfillment

Product Fulfillment, Order Fulfillment, and Pick and Pack Fulfillment are all interchangeable terms for what we do – all day, every day. The advantage to organizations who contract with a fulfillment center is simple; you sell it, we’ll ship it. Keep your eye on the prize of growing your top line. Our operation is dedicated in serving each client with a customized approach. We offer same day shipment turn around time at a reasonable cost. Outsourcing your warehouse and distribution needs affords your organization with the whole package of letting you focus on sales and allowing us to help with the bottom line. Partner Warehouse & Distribution is the premier fulfillment center in the country located in Phoenix.

How to Choose the Best Order Fulfillment Provider

Choosing the right order fulfillment provider is critical to your business. At the surface, they may all seem the same but let me be the first to tell you, think again. It is critical to choose a provider that understands your supply chain model and has extensive experience managing complex supply chains and manufacturing environments. Sure, your supply chain may be small and simple but the goal is to grow, right. Ensure your provider can grow with you and navigate your organization through the ever changing global logistics environment. To address this business decision, here are a few tips to help you choose the right fulfillment center for your business.

  1. Understand and Calculate your TOTAL,  all in costs to operate your fulfillment operation. That would be total monthly costs for rent, shipping/freight, labor, packaging, equipment, utilities, insurance, and other miscellaneous costs associated with your warehouse. Being armed with this data will assist in getting a true valuation of a proposal. Refer to our cost comparison page for a free tool that will do the work for you.
  2. Document and be clear about your business needs and expectation. Understanding your vision will provide valuable insight into what makes your business run which leads to a fulfillment provider putting together a comprehensive and sustainable program to aid in your growth.
  3. Make the investment up front to create solid internal processes and systems. For example, ensure your products are barcoded to drive standardization and quality control and that your shopping cart, accounting software or ERP are capable for transmitting and receiving XML, CSV, Flat or EDI files.
  4. More advanced fulfillment centers will have robust technology and processes. One of the benefits in outsourcing your fulfillment operation is that you do not have to make the investment in these very expensive systems. If the provider you are considering does not satisfy this requirement, chances are all the processes are manual which will lead to higher error rates
  5. The fulfillment center should be very open and willing to commit to a maximum error rate and shipment turn around times. For example, PWD guarantees an industry leading 99.8% order accuracy and same day shipping for any order transmitted by 2pm MST.
  6. Ask the potential provider what recommendations they would have. Any reputable fulfillment center should and will provide valuable information and best practices to guide you to a successful start up.