Your Order Fulfillment Partner

Choosing a partner to manage your order fulfillment isn’t simply about costs. Ultimately, the decision is about servicing your customers and having a strategic fulfillment partner that will help your business flourish.

There are several key factors to consider when choosing a order fulfillment partner.

  1. Customer Service:  The foundation of our business is providing world class client service. Unlike most of our competitors, Partner Warehouse & Distribution has a dedicated Service Team here to answer your calls and emails. We are committed to your success and will continue to invest in our team of professionals.
  2. Reduce Time and Supply Chain Costs: Consumers are quickly being accustomed rapid order fulfillment and receiving shipments very quickly. Our services provide you with the competitive edge by offering same day shipping and flexible shipping options which include rate shopping for the lowest possible rate.
  3. Enable Sales Channels: Most merchants engage in multiple sales channels. Partner Warehouse & Distribution will work seamlessly with your existing order capture systems: automating order submission, customer account management, and inventory status.
  4. Scalable Operations: Opening and operating a warehouse is expensive. As a client of Partner Warehouse  and and it committed to making the capital investments necessary to grow with your business.

Shipping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

As consumers across America get ready to take advantage of enormous savings offered by for black Friday, the work to get those items on the shelves is often overlooked. Partner Warehouse and Distribution works diligently with our partners to get their products in stores and on shelves before the shopping rush. Whether this includes kitting products, using specialized holiday themed packaging, or just an increased volume of outgoing shipments; the work we do allows our partner companies to concentrate on the rest of their business, leaving the shipping to us.

Likewise, many of our cyber-company partners are gearing up for cyber Monday. These companies have many of the same logistic issues as their brick and mortar counterparts.

Let Partner Warehouse and Distribution be YOUR shipping department.

Web-based Fulfillment Portal

We offer our customers access to partner-link, which is our custom fulfillment portal. Using this system allows our customers to quickly view an up-to-date inventory report, order history, order status, tracking information, and much more.

This system is accessible using an internet connection. From wherever you are, you can access partner-link. And since it is tied directly to our in-house order processing software, you can immediately gain the insight necessary to manage your company successfully.

Faster Turn-Around Time

All warehouses have their own procedure when it comes to processing their orders. Some fulfillment centers will give themselves up to 2 days from the receipt of an order, while others will process an order on the day received, but only if received before a certain time.

This can be a serious problem for customers who have an order that NEEDS to ship overnight. (With shipping times added, an order will not get to the destination until two days after placing the order, if placed past the dead line with the other guys)

It is always a good idea to look for a warehouse and distribution center that has a FAST turn-around time and that will accommodate for those special packages that need to go out on the same day it was processed.

Partner Warehouse and Distribution is a great choice, since we offer same day order processing, regardless of the order time!

Let us be YOUR shipping department

Warehouses Going Green

Everyone today, including businesses, are playing their part in helping our environment. One of the easiest ways they are doing this is by recycling. Fulfillment centers and warehouses across the globe have a great opportunity to help in many ways.
Here are a few things we do at Partner Warehouse:

    Use craft packaging paper instead of bubble wrap
    Use reinforced paper tape instead of plastic
    Reusing boxes
    Recycling all cardboard, paper and plastic that can’t be reused

Partnering with us will help your business go green!!

Let us be YOUR shipping department

Shipping Hazardous Materials

You need to ship hazardous materials but you’re uncertain what is what?

Shipping hazardous materials can be very stressful for someone with little experience. There are many rules and regulations associated with shipping hazmat via ground services and even more when it comes to overnight or international shipping via air services, but don’t let that stress you out.
The most important thing is to get certified. Many companies offer this including the Department of Transportation, UPS, and FedEx. You will need to be Certified in hazardous materials to ship ground services in the United States and also certified in IATA ( International Air Transport Association ) to ship packages overnight or international. Keep in mind most warehouses or fulfillment centers already have someone on staff who is certified and that might be the best option do to the high cost of getting certified.
Packaging requirements are also a big headache. You will need to purchase custom boxes that are hazmat certified and can withstand a certain crush test. These boxes are expensive but they are required by the D.O.T. These boxes also have a specific area to place the U.N. number and a description of what you are shipping. All carriers have their own requirements which may supersede even those of the minimum federal requirements, again, warehouses and fulfillment centers know the rules pertaining to each carrier.
Paperwork pertaining to the shipment is a major issue. Even the slightest mistake on your paperwork will result in the package being returned to you and the fees incurred. It is important to note that hazmat shipments are non-refundable. Making mistakes is costly so utilizing a fulfillment center will be a winning strategy.
Overall we would recommend using a fulfillment center – they are experts. It is cheaper than doing it yourself and there is no headache involved with trying to figure out the rules and regulations and if a mistake is made the cost is absorbed.

Magic Market Week

The sales team here at Partner Warehouse & Distribution are super excited for the Magic tradeshow in Las Vegas next week. Tradeshows are great for networking, as well as developing relationships with potential new partners.

If attending Magic Market Week (or any tradeshow for that matter) it is a good idea to always be professional, but to also have a good time!!

Shipping Cost Rate Shopping Software

Did you know that a 5 lb package could cost so much to ship across the country? Did you also know that sometimes FedEx may be cheaper than the United States Post Office (USPS) or vice-versa.

Using a fulfillment service that offers a rate shopping software will save you time and a ton of money. If you are looking for a fulfillment company, make sure they offer rate shopping, it could save you a bundle.

Advantages to Outsourcing Order Fulfillment

Do you have a great idea for a new product? Once you have your product in hand, how are you going to get that product into your customers hands? If these are thoughts or concerns you may have don’t let them be concerns any longer. There are companies specializing in this service. These companies are called fulfillment companies and they specialize in getting your products into the hands of your customers. Fulfillment companies exist so that you can focus on growing your business and not on ordering boxes, tape, negotiating rates for shipping, paying for a warehouse, overhead etc.

Fulfillment Blog

Looking for a fulfillment partner? Lets be clear; we aren’t just another vendor, we are a strategic partner who invests the time, resources and capital in ensuring our mutual success. We offer Product and order fulfillment services driven by unparallelled technology and processes.

Pick and Pack Fulfillment is a labor intensive and detail oriented process which we have refined over time and developed systemic processes to ensure order accuracy and velocity. Headquartered in Phoenix Arizona, our location is positioned to effectively service your global customer base. Come visit one of our AZ warehouses anytime!