A Full Service Order Fulfillment Company!

There are a number of benefits to outsourcing your order fulfillment to a fulfillment company. However, there are a lot of companies out there who don’t seem to take to heart the seriousness of what they do. Partner Warehouse and Distribution is a complete fulfillment center who takes what we do to heart. We recognize fully that providing quality order fulfillment services will earn your trust. The more you trust us the more you can focus on the marketing and growing your business. It’s a win win situation. Our job is to allow you to do yours. And the better you do your job the more work we have. Time and time again we’ve seen a start up company go from shipping a few packages a day to shipping hundreds or thousands a week. Your success is our success and we’re prod to say we’ve been a part of easing many of the growing pains that come with the small business exponential growth curve. Contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable fulfillment company associates for more information.

Website Fullfillment and E Commerce Fulfillment

Contracting or partnering with a website fulfillment company or a e commerce fulfillment company makes perfect sense for web based businesses. The beauty of a web based business is that it is largely hands off from an operational standpoint. The most successful web business spend the most time and money on SEO, social media and other marketing.  Partnering with a fulfillment house allows web based business owners to free them selves up from managing the day to day warehouse operations and personnel.  The great thing about a fulfillment center is that it ships a large volume of orders allowing it access to shipping rates that are not obtainable by smaller businesses with less volume. Those shipping discounts are passed on to you and typically offset the charges for pick and pack, packaging and other. The bottom line is that if you take an honest look at the cost of doing it yourself vs using a fulfillment house it typically cost the same or less than doing it yourself and it eliminates the headaches allowing you to focus on selling. After all, isn’t that what you are in business for?

What is Pick and Pack Fulfillment?

Pick and Pack Fulfillment is the the industry term used to define the process by which a fulfillment performs the function necessary to pick the items needed to fill the order and pack those items into a shipping carton for delivery to the consumer / end user.

The actual pick and pack fulfillment process is defined further below:
1. The Fulfillment center downloads orders from your website or EDI interface.
2. The Fulfillment center prints packing slips and/or invoices for your customers.
3. The actual pick and pack process begins. “Pick” refers to the fulfillment center employee procuring the items listed on the packing slip and/or invoice.
4. “Pack” as i’m sure you’re aware refers to placing those items into the box to be received by your customer.

Top 5 Benefits of Fulfillment

1. Cost Savings-As with any other operation economies of scale play a large role in total costs. A fulfillment center may ship for a hundred or more different companies allowing for it to leverage it’s shipping and freight buying power to negotiate lower rates than a single company.

2.Efficiency-Few companies have the extensive software and staff necessary to run their warehouse operations at maximum efficiency. Partnering with a fulfillment center such as Partner Warehouse and Distribution gives you instant access to proprietary systems and technologies that took years to create and perfect.

3. Labor Sharing-In most warehouse operations the staff is either under or over underutilized. Spikes in business whether seasonal or other often require hiring, training and a learning curve which costs companies time and money. using a fulfillment center will maximize efficiency and save you the headaches of new hires and additional overhead.

4. Pay Per Use-Eliminate the liability of excess overhead and only pay for the space and labor that you use. As opposed to being locked into a lease and labor utilizing a product fulfillment or ecommerce fulfillment center allows takes the worry out of warehousing. If your warehouse is 80% full you’re still paying for 100% of the space, power, insurance, labor etc. Whereas, when using a fulfillment center you only pay for the space and labor that you utilize.

5. Spend Tine Growing Your Business-Don’t waste your time running a warehouse. Business owners should be able to focus on increasing sales, growing the business and maximizing the net without having to worry about the logistics and overhead associated with handling more volume.

What is Fulfillment?

It’s astonishing how many business owners are not aware of the tremendous benefits that a quality fulfillment center can offer. In short, fulfillment is essentially outsourcing some or all of your warehouse operations. A fulfillment center acts as your warehousing and shipping facility. A complete fulfillment center such as Partner Warehouse and Distribution will handle everything from receiving to returns. The benefits of fulfillment are many. See the next post for details.