Your Order Fulfillment Partner

Choosing a partner to manage your order fulfillment isn’t simply about costs. Ultimately, the decision is about servicing your customers and having a strategic fulfillment partner that will help your business flourish.

There are several key factors to consider when choosing a order fulfillment partner.

  1. Customer Service:  The foundation of our business is providing world class client service. Unlike most of our competitors, Partner Warehouse & Distribution has a dedicated Service Team here to answer your calls and emails. We are committed to your success and will continue to invest in our team of professionals.
  2. Reduce Time and Supply Chain Costs: Consumers are quickly being accustomed rapid order fulfillment and receiving shipments very quickly. Our services provide you with the competitive edge by offering same day shipping and flexible shipping options which include rate shopping for the lowest possible rate.
  3. Enable Sales Channels: Most merchants engage in multiple sales channels. Partner Warehouse & Distribution will work seamlessly with your existing order capture systems: automating order submission, customer account management, and inventory status.
  4. Scalable Operations: Opening and operating a warehouse is expensive. As a client of Partner Warehouse  and and it committed to making the capital investments necessary to grow with your business.

Shipping Cost Rate Shopping Software

Did you know that a 5 lb package could cost so much to ship across the country? Did you also know that sometimes FedEx may be cheaper than the United States Post Office (USPS) or vice-versa.

Using a fulfillment service that offers a rate shopping software will save you time and a ton of money. If you are looking for a fulfillment company, make sure they offer rate shopping, it could save you a bundle.

Advantages to Outsourcing Order Fulfillment

Do you have a great idea for a new product? Once you have your product in hand, how are you going to get that product into your customers hands? If these are thoughts or concerns you may have don’t let them be concerns any longer. There are companies specializing in this service. These companies are called fulfillment companies and they specialize in getting your products into the hands of your customers. Fulfillment companies exist so that you can focus on growing your business and not on ordering boxes, tape, negotiating rates for shipping, paying for a warehouse, overhead etc.

Fulfillment Blog

Looking for a fulfillment partner? Lets be clear; we aren’t just another vendor, we are a strategic partner who invests the time, resources and capital in ensuring our mutual success. We offer Product and order fulfillment services driven by unparallelled technology and processes.

Pick and Pack Fulfillment is a labor intensive and detail oriented process which we have refined over time and developed systemic processes to ensure order accuracy and velocity. Headquartered in Phoenix Arizona, our location is positioned to effectively service your global customer base. Come visit one of our AZ warehouses anytime!

Fulfillment Services

What are you looking for in your fulfillment services provider? It is more than just a low cost solution to your distribution needs. At PWD we strive for a mutually beneficial partnership that puts both our organizations in a good position to grow. Through this partnership, we drive superior results with innovative technology and industry leading processes. We are the complete fulfillment and distribution solution. If you are looking for a fulfillment center to perform e-commerce fulfillment, pick and pack fulfillment, or any type of product fulfillment, you have come to the right place. So, what is it that you are looking for? We believe it is a dynamic partner with a full range of service offering that provides, hands down, the best customer service in the industry.

Product Fulfillment

Product Fulfillment, Order Fulfillment, and Pick and Pack Fulfillment are all interchangeable terms for what we do – all day, every day. The advantage to organizations who contract with a fulfillment center is simple; you sell it, we’ll ship it. Keep your eye on the prize of growing your top line. Our operation is dedicated in serving each client with a customized approach. We offer same day shipment turn around time at a reasonable cost. Outsourcing your warehouse and distribution needs affords your organization with the whole package of letting you focus on sales and allowing us to help with the bottom line. Partner Warehouse & Distribution is the premier fulfillment center in the country located in Phoenix.

Vitamin, Supplement & Neutraceutical Fulfillment

Vitamin manufactures continue to face incredible competition and the challenge of meeting the demands of order fulfillment globally. Vitamin fulfillment, supplement fulfillment and neutraceutical fulfillment requires a specialized system of inventory management. The proprietary fulfillment systems at Partner Warehouse & Distribution are capable of  lot number, serial number and expiration date controls. Partner Warehouse is the premier vitamin fulfillment center in the country. We have spend years developing our systems, processes and infrastructure to target the needs of netraceutical organizations. We know what it takes to succeed in vitamin fulfillment industry and will guide you every step of the way in ensuring you have the highest level of customer satisfaction by partnering with Partner Warehouse & Distribution. If you are looking for a fulfillment company to meet the needs of your neutraceutical organization you have come to the right place.

E-Commerce Fulfillment

E-Commerce by all rights is still in its infancy stage. Yes, the world has come a long way in the past 10 years. What will the e-commerce market look like in 10 years? We have all heard the statistics. Cyber Monday is outselling Black Friday by a mile. Consumers are getting smart. Why waste the time and gas going to a store when you can order the product online and have it in a couple days? How will you as a e-commerce based company handle this pending explosion of online sales? Do you have the capital or distribution infrastructure to continue rapid growth? Fear not as there is a solution. E-Commerce fulfillment is the fasting growing division of Partner Warehouse & Distribution. Organizations of all sizes realize that to effectively grow their e-commerce business, they must focus on sales and development and leave the e-commerce fulfillment to the professionals who already have a winning formula.

How to Choose the Best Order Fulfillment Provider

Choosing the right order fulfillment provider is critical to your business. At the surface, they may all seem the same but let me be the first to tell you, think again. It is critical to choose a provider that understands your supply chain model and has extensive experience managing complex supply chains and manufacturing environments. Sure, your supply chain may be small and simple but the goal is to grow, right. Ensure your provider can grow with you and navigate your organization through the ever changing global logistics environment. To address this business decision, here are a few tips to help you choose the right fulfillment center for your business.

  1. Understand and Calculate your TOTAL,  all in costs to operate your fulfillment operation. That would be total monthly costs for rent, shipping/freight, labor, packaging, equipment, utilities, insurance, and other miscellaneous costs associated with your warehouse. Being armed with this data will assist in getting a true valuation of a proposal. Refer to our cost comparison page for a free tool that will do the work for you.
  2. Document and be clear about your business needs and expectation. Understanding your vision will provide valuable insight into what makes your business run which leads to a fulfillment provider putting together a comprehensive and sustainable program to aid in your growth.
  3. Make the investment up front to create solid internal processes and systems. For example, ensure your products are barcoded to drive standardization and quality control and that your shopping cart, accounting software or ERP are capable for transmitting and receiving XML, CSV, Flat or EDI files.
  4. More advanced fulfillment centers will have robust technology and processes. One of the benefits in outsourcing your fulfillment operation is that you do not have to make the investment in these very expensive systems. If the provider you are considering does not satisfy this requirement, chances are all the processes are manual which will lead to higher error rates
  5. The fulfillment center should be very open and willing to commit to a maximum error rate and shipment turn around times. For example, PWD guarantees an industry leading 99.8% order accuracy and same day shipping for any order transmitted by 2pm MST.
  6. Ask the potential provider what recommendations they would have. Any reputable fulfillment center should and will provide valuable information and best practices to guide you to a successful start up.